Responsible Parenting

Weekender thoughts and random musings.

What have I learned so far as a parent of two kids for the past 8 years?

When my husband and I knew that we were expecting, we honestly didn’t know what to do. We were in our mid 20’s and our life back then was at the heap of fun and exploration. We were excited and my husband, well, a little anxious. Mixed feelings of a soon-to-be newbie parents of a healthy and bouncy baby boy. I never looked at what the future holds so as to not overwhelm me BIG time. Even if nobody taught me how to parent a newborn, I knew then how to be self taught by asking tips from other mommies, reading articles and blogs about parenting. Sometimes over-reading can cause restlessness instead of helping you go by life angst free. What works for one doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

Rearing is getting to know more of who you are as a parent, to be able to decipher the needs of your child. In this manner, every parent will be able to support fully the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of their child/children. It’s a series of what works and what does not before mastering the art of baby raising or child rearing.

Even before I got married, I already thought about raising 2 kids in my lifetime. To put into context, I simply want to provide them the best of what this world has to offer. I thought of having a comparison between a child attending tutor class along side with 4 or more other classmates. Imagine the divided attention given to each kids. Something that I don’t want to happen with my children.

Gone are the days when our great ancestors inculcated this notion in our minds that the more children we have, the better chances that they will take care of us and provide for us when we grow old. Which I find it absurd and unfair. Our responsibility is not to make our children work for us. We work to provide for them and to be able to provide for ourselves when the time comes.

Now that we have 2 wonderful children in our care, this still had me in deep deep thinking…


Have you thought about it too?

No! it’s not about mutual funds, it’s about being financially ready.


One thought on “Responsible Parenting

  1. Children just hit our paths at times, and sometimes we may not be financially ready yet. But we have to learn how to cope and adjust our personal finances and freedom to be responsible parents. It is considered as a blessing when a child is on the way.


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