Nursing A Cold Shoulder

As I travel through life, I thought all the while I didn’t need my accountability group to help me get through my emotional imbalances as I face them day in and day out. My life became a total routine as I head to work, then back home to eat, bond with my family and rest through the night. I literally was caught off guard to re-examine what is it really that is missing in my life to make me whole again. I knew something was wrong but I played deaf and mute to the obvious realities that is right there before my very own eyes.

I was also too complacent to not even tap my partner’s back and do a heart check together.

What was missing all along?

We missed to put GOD as our number ONE.

I don’t want to sound religious here but it’s a given fact that, apart from God, my husband and I are nothing. Sin just crept in so badly to a point where we had to miss work because we had to nurse a very cold shoulder and a bad case of headache. We just grew apart and suddenly we started missing out on each other’s life and stopped prioritizing our basic needs along the way. We started to communicate less as a couple, and to make matters worse, is we started praying less as a family. The most shameful part is, my son had to remind us to pray before we sleep every single night.

Our story is not something to be proud of. In fact, this is something that married couples would rather not talk about in public because we are bound to scrutiny and judgment under a microscope. There are a lot of married couples out there who are vulnerable and SIN just took control over their lives. They could no longer get out from its trap because for all we know, the devil would always find ways to kill, steal, and destroy someone’s LIFE. This is why this article came to life, because of these realities. They need to be awakened by the lies thrown at them.

Their favorite prey? FAMILIES.

When we are vulnerable to sin, we tend to sneer and poke our broken past to awaken the GIANT from its sleeping grave. I always make this an excuse to hate something even more and to validate my ill feelings towards it which is a very very bad habit to begin with. Not an excuse to fall short either. It is such a petty excuse, and definitely not at all worth emulating.

Honestly, I was too caught up with my emotions that I had to allow the enemy to rule over me and basically just wanted to forget what I promised my husband during our wedding vows 9 years ago. That I should be there for him in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times ‘til death do us part.

As a wife, I was no longer a helpmate to my husband anymore because I was also consumed with my idealistic mind and was no longer willing to lend a part of me to iron out our individual differences.

We often stumble and fall. That’s a given. Despite our shortcomings, my husband and I are still grounded with our faith in God. That every time we fall out of track, we are guided right back into it to make ourselves complete again. Emotional pains and bad memories may take time to heal but I am just thankful beyond words that my husband and I are always on our toes to work out any of our differences.

I view marriage as a covenant between man, woman, and God. It is a chord of 3 strands, God holds it together. Apart from Him, it will break, literally or figuratively. Being diligent and intentional is key, it is like a plant that you have to delicately take care of because you know that it will grow and bloom, otherwise it will die.

Our story may be a typical storyboard that we hear around a lot but the gravity of sin that comes along with it, would scathe a village of innocent souls if left unattended. Let us be sensitive to one’s needs. Let’s seek help from the elders in our family and most of all, from our church, for they offer well meaning advices that could help save you and your spouse from the pit-holes you have never imagined. And most of all…

Always have time to pray to God, intentionally make time to spend quiet moments with Him and you will have a stormproof life.


Franzeene Angeli H. Fortich

A Very Passionate Teacher by Profession Who Happens to Love Blogging. A Traveler by Heart and Most of all a Loving Wife and an Awesome Mom to Two Wonderful Children.


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