Void: Inside Out

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Social media entertainment has allowed us to see what almost everyone is doing or “pretending” to do at the moment. We are keen to share our best pictures trying to look fabulous the best way we can, keeping our failures and even our difficult moments as discreet as possible. Additionally, we try to make our everyday lives seem exciting and fun just like glancing at those glossy sheets at a Vogue magazine or how we see super models walk on runway who carry’s oneself with precise ease and confidence.

 This reality is also quite similar to the TV Ad I have seen where homeowners would purchase green spray paint to mask their dried-up lawns (No more dead tired mowing and watering on weekends). Just plain FAKE green grass all year round.

 I don’t know why others could manage to keep that life together. Trying their best to preserve that perfect looking spirit when the truth burst behind those pretty looking pearly whites. We are so darn quick to paint on the best looking smile and confidently extend a hand shake with other people—while deep down inside we feel sucked out and needy as a weed who tends to overgrow and choke out more nearby and desirable plants.

 That! Ladies and gentlemen I call VOID the twin brother of EMPTINESS or the other close relative which I fondly call “The holes in our heart”.

 It feels like something is missing or like a pain caused by someone in our past or it could be a thought about having a life of no purpose, living without direction, and without meaning. No person or thing will ever make us whole again not until we face it. Particularly, there is this feeling of emptiness in our heart that no one else can fill-in except GOD Himself. No matter how we try our best to mask the real story behind every skeleton in our closet, time would always reveal the real deal.

 In this fallen world, we do our best by giving someone our quick judgment, accompanied by heartfelt unsolicited advices. While others feel the need to get out of the misery by diverting their emptiness by “other things” that momentarily takes them away from the emotional discomfort. And not able to realize that their problem/s didn’t go away.

 Personally, I have seen this first-hand on how someone could be so fine in the outside and yet so cracked-up in the inside. And I could not find a perfect way to express my feelings of empathy but to extend myself with that person through PRAYER. Why not? Instead of highlighting someone from the mud bath of disgrace, pray for that person instead. “Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. “John 8:7, as the bible clearly indicates this teaching. (Man! this is so hard… I too am learning it the hard way. Parking this here for a constant reminder of this verse).

 How do we address this deserted feeling if we always look away and find fault on other things. Rather, have the courage to take responsibility in facing these temporary setbacks in our lives and have the audacity in owning up our mistakes. Take action now and allow yourself to heal by reaching out for support from your spouse, parents, and family members or from a very close friend that you can trust.  Recognizing the null feeling and the fear in whatever form will eventually lead us to stop hiding and avoiding.

 Most of all, find your purpose in life to give you clarity of your goal and most of all, have the heart of GRATITUDE. Thank God for everything: past, present, future.


 Franzeene Angeli H. Fortich

A Very Passionate Teacher by Profession Who Happens to Love Blogging. A Traveler by Heart and Most of all a Loving Wife and an Awesome Mom to Two Wonderful Children.


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