This is the moment where children are taught to dress up as ghosts, zombies, vampires and witches. How can this be even considered a “Happy Halloween” to children? Scary faces are not even appealing to anyone even more so with the young ones.

I was once a preschool teacher and I have long regretted the feeling to even allow our hallway and classroom be decked with paper bats and synthetic cobwebs during halloween time. Although I haven’t gotten to a point were I would decorate flying witches on the ceiling floor. But the fact that I have allowed the element of a scary atmosphere into the classroom environment is such a BIG no! no!

Looking back, I wish I could have been sensitive enough to think and asked my students to celebrate a “Hero” school theme instead rather than making time for halloween trick or treat school party right before the holiday break. We could have asked our children to wear their favorite cool super hero costumes for show and tell and not allow “dark” costumes to be worn by kids in school.

Here is my advice for the parents of little cherubs: Considering that there will be a lot of city schedules for halloween trick or treat event, may you be guided accordingly as to how you will allow your kids dress up in their favorite “character” portrayal on this month’s celebration. Let us dress them up like our day to day heroes. Let us put make-up on them that would allow their beautiful angelic faces to be seen and not paint them like how skeletons and ghosts look like, pale, dark and ugly. Nobody wants that. Who does?

I personally do not adhere to the likings of bad fictional characters to bluntly be put on display elsewhere for children to see and imitate. Remember, how their innocent little minds are. They are like sponges who quickly absorbs everything they see and hear in their environment.

We do not want our children to grow up liking these object of display that does not promote healthy learning. Dark is never at all Good.


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