My heart jumped for joy the moment my other passion which is collecting “abubots” is again a trend.
(Drum rolls please…)
Yes! Iron patches and metal pins are now making a stylish return to the spotlight and has invaded our fashion haven in making our ordinary wardrobe into something fun and hip. This childhood relic is once again the holy grail of vibrant lass fashionistas and even making stylish men rack up that funky dapper look in the runway streets.
I have been an avid collector of these items since I was in my late twenties where I order and buy by the dozen for personal use and others for giveaways. Where in the world did I get this craze? From my pop. I must say, it runs in the blood (wink!).
The fashion rule of thumb, is to turn your simple plain colored shirt, jeans, and even bags into a statement work of art through your personalized expression of putting these cute patches and pins wherever you feel like putting them on. This will create a more vibrant attitude to every clothing you have in your wardrobe, just like my style inspiration Anya Hindmarch. She is the famous designer who introduced these fashion statement in her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the stickers, which feature smiley faces, “YES” slogans and the ever famous- cartoon thunderbolts. Hindmarch is also known for her pixelated sticker patches on her runway designs for shoes and bags. Now, MNG and the likes of Zara and other famous local style brands have adopted this iconic pieces into their collection as well.
These funky accessory are “kikay” friendly and it comes in different styles, sizes, and designs. You can basically wear them on either casual or even on during formal events. Go ahead and coordinate your get-up with these candy-colored “abubots”.
Metal pins by the way can also be your favorite life saver piece especially when you don’t feel like wearing a super plunging neckline or better yet, wear ‘em as a statement piece alone.
Recently, My mom gifted me this Zara army inspired top in one of her business trips were badges and patches highlighted the chic piece. This style can be perfectly paired with any trousers and shorts, matching your best sneakers for a complete look. Best worn on a cool, mid afternoon tea break with friends or a date with your favorite book at a coffee shop. I am thinking of wearing mine for my out of town getaway. Yep! you read that right. That’s us girls! we always have the habit of planning our getup weeks or months before the actual “fashion show” hehehe!
Trust me, there are no rules to making yourself stand out. So, dare to stand out!
Be Instagram ready.

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