Over The Moon HK

When we visited Hong Kong over the Halloween break last year, I made it a point to redeem myself again from our last visit three years ago.


Our first point of business was to go immediately to Disneyland since my sister was already hyped up to meet and greet the Disney princesses and the rest of the cast. I mean, we had to go through every long line there is, that I had to settle with Sofia The First since her station was very near to where we were dining at that time.


Well, our little girl was over the moon when she finally held hands with one of her favorite  Disney Princesses. It was a very priceless moment for us to see our daughter experience something remarkable in her life on such a brief moment. Something that money CAN buy hahahah!

It was more of like a reality for her than a fantasy. She wouldn’t know the difference though, but when she’ll grow up soon and read this article, I’m pretty sure she would remember this moment with us.

This is another milestone for our family. Another life-changing  experience of being able to  travel outside the country together with the whole family  and merge with a different culture with the locals of another wonderful place like Hong Kong. We are just beyond blessed and grateful to be able to have parents who  seemingly shower us with gifts to travel and letting us experience life in another form.

Here we are in one photo…


and another one…


Okay, that wasn’t so clear. hehehe!

In another note, here is another picture of my little girl strolling the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and Harbor City in her Frozen dress- come on girl! =)  The boy wasn’t so pleased here…


Come to think of it. It’s expensive to travel but what I have learned over the years of making this yearly leisure activity- now a hobby, is that if you put your heart over the things that you envision doing, it will really come true. Setting priorities straight and learn to save up for the things that you planned to do would give you that drive to reach the desires of your heart. I guess we call that DISCIPLINE (wink!).

Our HK trip was another blast. So much adventure along the way. Our place was right at the center of a shopping district. If only I had enough room for our luggages, I could have bought the sneakers that I was eyeing on the whole time we were there (yeah right! me and my shoe obsession) Ooops! another reason to travel again in the future? =)

Of course we extended our stay in HK. My parents flew ahead of us. We had the day to tour around and look for touristy areas such as the famous Bruce Lee’s monument. Hello?! how far can you be Bruce? that was one of a kilometer hike there! =p


We had so much fun though. Plus, we had our reliable ultra light stroller with us for our little girl’s transpo hehehe! her brother had fun pushing it, having us hands free the whole time (well, not really) =p

Another stop is the famous Hello Kitty Mansion.



Mahn! y’all Hello Kitty fanatics would really love to dine in this place. So much Hello Kitty going on here. Also, my little girl accidently broke a spoon here – boom! and she threw us tantrums too LOL! she just could not contain herself to be in one particular place. She’s a “go girl”. Despite her mild temper flare-up, we still managed to enjoy our dine-in experience.  I mean who would not? especially when your indulging artistically crafted Hello Kitty cuisine.

Eat your heart out! heheheh!

That’s all for now. Let me direct you to my next article that I will be posting in the coming days.

Clue: Birthday Surpirise



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