December Baby

It all started with a simple throwaway remark that sparked a beautiful act of generosity that resulted to three straight amazing days.

“Ma’am, Can we take a photo of you?”

December 16, 2016: My Third Year students are quite “smooth as a breeze”” by teaming up and asked me to pose a picture with them for their said “Other Class Project”. Of course, my Chirstmasy OOTD just blended in what was “intended” for a class requirement. It was – Day One of my Christmas countdown to dress up appropriately for the occasion. Too excited even for our faculty Christmas party to kickoff. Yes! I am always that thrilled for Christmas celebrations, precisely because I am  DECEMBER BABY.

December 19, 2016: As I was about to enter the room. This greeted me by…





I was floored! visibly emotional, trying to hold back my tears as I walked into the room while they sang the birthday song while holding up their birthday tarp for me. How can your heart not melt with such intention to surprise their teacher? The bouquet of petite balloons, a unicorn cake and a pink jar of heart warming tear jerking notes is such a delight to receive from them. I couldn’t ask for more. I have the best of the best students anyone could have.

December 20, 2016: Strolling my way out of the faculty, well prepared to give my students their last toll for the year, their midterm examination teehehe!. This time, my Second Year students greeted me with so much love, a design made for the tummy. Deliciously homemade carbonara and a chocolate cake.

Gaaah! this is cute! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. It was another lovely day and spending my birthday with them is another roadside mark to etch in my memory bank. I love you guys! You are all precious to me and you know that.


Wait, there’s more…


My dear students, reading your letters is one of the most soul soothing activity I have ever done. It can literally warm any stormy winter season. I have been investing my time with you since day 1 of my very first day in school and not a boring day passed by being in class with you all.  I knew that this has been my calling but was a bit stubborn to even acknowledge it from the start. Now, I can clearly say that I am serving my other purpose in life and that is YOU.

 December 21, 2016

Now, this almost blew up my composure. I should have been mindful that my Fourth Year students are artistically gifted in all sorts.

5:00 PM to be exact. I was finishing up some important things in school before leaving for the holiday break.

Then, a loud sound of commotion happened. I was hurrying my way out to the other room not even sure what I was about to do. I just had to act on impulse.

I was ushered into a room that was once like a havoc of all undesirable things and was turned into a colorful burst of pink and purple just-for-me.

There I was clothed with an overwhelmed response…

Beyond amazed on how GREAT all my SPED students can pull off a three-day surprise birthday celebration for me.


Even more elated to see my husband and son who were part of the whole “modus operandi” hehehe! img_7069

Missing you always guys! and stay beautiful!

For what my students have seen in me, I am their so -called “rock star” but in reality, my students are game-changers who are the motivating factors behind my success as an educator. They encourage me to reach for the skies, fearlessly and passionately.

If there is one thing I am thankful for as a teacher,

  1. I am thankful for my students and;
  2. Thankful for the entire College of Teacher Education Faculty family who gave nothing but encouragement during the entire course of my stay in LDCU.

Thank you all for a memorable birthday gift anyone could have.



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