Crazy Over Dooooooots

Mood: Collect as many dots as I can

Everything is in transit lately and I couldn’t even find time to smell the petrichor during a downpour. So many things to do with so little time to even squeeze all things that require my immediate attention.

I teach theories in class and I realized that I too need intervention from my daily sensory circuits.

What makes me alive during stressful situations?

My groWING dots.

Guffaw! =)

And this makes me HAPPY!



Even my husband has contracted the dotted bug.


Here’s more! Mother and Son Napsacks



Rather a Mom and Daughter knapsacks. hehehe!

I know… It’s going berserk. My daughter is in the polka team too!

But believe me, when I say, I’m trying my best to tone it down a bit.


Featured Image Photo: Google Images


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