A Generous Heart

When you look at a little child and take notice of the things they do and the words that come out of their mouth, it’s all pleasing and beautiful. Children appreciate every little detail they see around them. The innocence in them makes this world go round I must say.
Same goes for children and even adults with special needs. They may be a hand full for those who cannot understand them but what makes it more extra special is their ability to be compassionate and real to the people they care about.

About two weeks ago was a very memorable moment for someone dear to me. My sister had an opportunity to take part on my class’s weekly immersion at East City Central School, this City. It was just an ordinary school day for the rest of us who are all busy with work and studies except that my sister has gone an extra mile to prepare something special for our beloved children under Special Education Program with Teacher Joan Ke-e.
My sister has been keeping all the goodies from her birthday last February to save up for this special day so she can share it with the kids. By the way, my sister Celeste is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Here she is…


Sharing her birthday loot boxes to the students of East City Central under SPED program with teacher Joan Kee.


Disability doesn’t hinder us to go an extra mile. It’s not even a limitation to be able to take part in something significant in the community. Projects like these help persons with disabilities develop their confidence and fight back insecurities.

A small act of kindness comes a long way for those who needs their winter blues away, special or not.

God bless.


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