Act of Service

Last Friday was a total struggle for me, I was not in my usual self and I looked obviously sick and my eyes were sagging- I mean DROOPING. I wanted to call-in sick but when I checked on my mental notes, on my things to do, I could visualize a back-to-back list of some sort of Goddesse’s domestic chores that I need to attend to- ASAP. So, I came to work and spread the virus- I mean LOVE.

It all started with my little one, then my eldest got the bug which had worsen just a day after our water park experience (which I really thought was the blue water turned greenish fault). Then, the “bug” evolved into a “horse” (pun intended) which gave my husband the hoarse voice for over a week and now it’s starting to creep into my system.

Without a second thought, my husband and I submitted ourselves for a medical check-up yesterday. I would not compromise and self-medicate which my husband did. Boohoo!

***Dearly praying for healing and comfort which I think is still the best remedy of all.

So much for that brief introduction lol!

Anyway, I was hoping to spend my day-off just wasting time and be with the fam at home, in my PJs. Plus, going to a hospital and visiting clinics is never appealing to me, most especially the waiting part… Who says it is?

My day basically started a bit off key. Thinking about ending my day with a bitter smile but our GOD is gracious enough to lift-up my tired spirit to make me realize that there is always beauty in all these clouded and temporary ordeal.

Having to take care of a sick member is never easy, most especially if you don’t have someone to at least assist you on the labor part (wanted: full-time yaya).

Despite this momentary downtime, I am still thankful for the following:

Gratitude #1. Dr. Romel D. Mercado (E.N.T) gave us a thorough check-up. When I mean thorough, having to experience- nasoendoscopy. Of course, I got scared! by the mere look of it. I’ll spare you the details, may I just emphasize that it was NOT at all what I thought it was. So, I’m cool with it now.


Dr. Mercado is NOT the typical doctor who would make you open your mouth with a popsicle stick and say, “your tonsils are swollen, here’s for the antibiotic prescription” (done in less than 5 mins.) Which has been my experience for the longest running time in-my-life! In fact, there was one ENT who I met the first time due to a swollen tonsils and advised me to have my tonsils removed ASAP! the hell feeling she gave me was $%#^(&*. I can never forget that.

I’m grateful for the extra mile Dr. Mercado gave us, to carefully explain our health concerns without us asking him for clarifications or whatsoever. In other words, he takes time to make you understand what you are going through and how the medications will help you in the recovery process.

This is SERVICE!

Gratitude #2. Then, I realized that it was also my little girl’s eye doctor appointment. I almost missed it. I do appreciate (very much) the one week ahead text notice from the clinic. Honestly, I’m quite hesitant to have the visit. Too anxious to know the result. My heart almost exploded the first time we thought she might be wearing glasses (partly blame it to the genes). But Dr. Frincks from Cardinal Eye Clinic (SM, CDO Downtown Premiere) made a conscious effort to check on my little girl for solid results that there is NO need for her to wear eyeglasses.

As I have shared earlier, my family and I experienced a lot of wrong medical diagnosis. And again, it is so rare nowadays to find health professionals to really take time to sit down with you and impart something for your well being without literally rushing you during the check-up process.

We, patients, need to feel compassion which Dr. Frinks never fails to meet; she’s very approachable too.

If she does recommend for an eye rehab for my daughter, which my son is currently undergoing, we would do so. Also, Dr. Frincks gives you the best options to choose from the variety of eyewear that is convenient to your lifestyle and your pocket too. A very practical doctor who does not compromise quality. My family loves her dearly.

This is a stolen and candid shot my husband took during the procedure. Nothing intentional. My children have never- ever showed signs of being reluctant to any of the procedure given to them by Dr. Frinks. I had to make her sit on my lap so she can reach the device. Otherwise, she’s good on her own, us watching her nearby.

The result?


Thank you, LORD!!!!

My little girl doesn’t need any eyewear.

Now, it is up to us to maintain this healthy lifestyle for her and the brother too.

A sundae treat for the little girl

Moral Lesson: Genuine service goes a long way. It strengthens a person’s credibility and help builds a stronger connection with the people you work with.

We are happy and satisfied patients of these amazing medical doctors in this City.

We went home being thankful and blessed.


Disclaimer: I’m not paid to advertise. Just giving them my 101% rating because I can see myself in them as a Community Helper who thinks nothing but building a strong foundation first by giving the best service to our clients.



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